About Kona Carpentry

Josh Wiggers


Josh is an ambitious entrepreneur, a skilled and experienced carpenter, and a father of two young boys. He began learning the craft of carpentry at the age of 13, working part-time while attending school on Vancouver Island. As a teenager working alongside his Uncle Joel at his siding company, Josh discovered that he had a talent for carpentry and enjoyed the fast-paced, hardworking environment of building homes. Construction seemed to be in his blood.

By the age of 19, Josh attained the status of a ticketed red-seal carpenter and by the time he was 20, with years of experience in the field already behind him, Kona Carpentry was born. Now 28 years old, Josh credits his extensive experience in all aspects of residential construction, along with his ambition and resilience since establishing Kona for shaping him into the versatile contractor he is today. Honesty and integrity are the values Josh attributes to his success as a contractor and he takes pride in imbuing those same values in his team and seeking them in the partners he works with.

At a relatively young age, Josh has either lead or been an integral part of the construction of over 250 homes, with over 100 of those built in the Fort St. John area where Josh has operated Kona and raised his family for the past 5 years.

The Story Behind the Name

Kona, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it is where Josh’s father, siblings and grandparents are lucky enough to make their home. Josh has always kept this wonderful place close to his heart, and combined with his passion for building, it inspires him to help others build their very own paradise and transcend the true meaning of the word ‘Ohana,’ the root of culture in Hawaii. It’s meaning reflects the importance of belonging to a family and your obligation to behave responsibly with integrity so that your Ohana is pleased to claim you. It’s a give and take with all members included and none left behind.

Our Team

Kona’s team members are what truly set the company apart. Kona is made up of a young, energetic, and dedicated crew with strong backs and positive attitudes. Josh values and instills honesty and integrity in his crew along with a rugged work-ethic. This team has a reputation for being able to maintain efficiency and quality in the harshest conditions of the north. The Kona team boasts versatility and a wide-range of skills. Our team’s positive working relationships have allowed us to evaluate the strengths of each team-member and deploy them appropriately according to the broad scope of services we provide on each of our builds.

Why Hire Kona?

We are the top choice for custom home construction in Fort St. John offering comprehensive services from plan design to completion.